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Professional Services

The EHS Insight Professional Services team’s experience and knowledge ensures a smooth transition onto your new ERM system. Minimize the roadblocks with systems integration professionals who have been down this road before. The EHS Insight Professional Services team is there to help you maximize the value you get from your investment.

Every EHS Insight Enterprise implementation is guided by a highly skilled, integrated team of professionals who ensure leaders of Risk, EHS, Maintenance and Quality are supported in their pursuits. The following services are available.


Implementation and Integration

Our proven project methodology ensures EHS Insight Enterprise is configured to match each organization’s needs and goals. Integration with a variety of ERP, HR and Maintenance systems ensures consistent data is available to users across the organization.

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Training Services

Power Users and Administrators often benefit from training. Typical users probably have little need for training if they are already familiar with basic computing tasks such as the use of a mouse, opening and saving files, and using a web browser to explore the Internet.

For users who will benefit from a deeper understanding of the system and desire to leverage advanced features of EHS Insight, there are several courses to attend.

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Support Services

Our team is ready to help our clients get the most out of their investment. Some clients who start with EHS Insight Express will later desire more powerful features available in EHS Insight Enterprise. Our professional services team is ready to help migrate ahead.

Customization is often necessary, and sometimes it can be a challenge. While EHS Insight was designed to be user friendly, and easy to configure, there will be times when some clients need a little helping hand with customization. Again, our team is there to help.

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Technical Support Services

We are dedicated to the ongoing success of our clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff has years of hands-on experience, which helps them to understand technical problems and deal with them quickly. Our personnel are committed to delivering the highest quality, most effective product support to our clients.

As part of our user community you may have ideas that help your peers solve new problems. Our support process includes regular reviews of our community forum where support issues and requests can be logged and, communication can be shared with the entire community, including the EHS Insight support team. The collective intelligence of our entire community will always be evolving with you, and supporting you on your way.

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Get a free demo of EHS Insight and see what the future holds in store for you.

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Insightful Solutions

Find new ways to improve performance by focusing on the right leading indicators.

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Insightful Services

We are committed to your success every step of the way.

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Insightful Products

Insight is a simple, secure, and affordable risk management solution that allows you to focus on people, not paper.

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About Us

We seek to make the world a safer, better place by innovating to create software solutions that enable our clients to improve EHS performance.

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